The year is already too much spent and there could be something that you so much wanted to do and you have not done. You are in for a great year that has seen a lot of changes more so in the online world. You will see some of the most interesting and critical trends in 2016. These could be in social media, blogging, SEO, or video. Social networks and blogs are changing the way business is done in the current world and there is no doubt you will like the changes. They are all for the good not for the bad.

Trend 1: End of a blogger

Is it possible to have a blog without a blogger? The answer to this question is a ‘no’. However, in the year 2016, a lot has happened and more people have been heard and seen describing themselves as blogger whereas in the real sense they are just but influencers in blogging. Blogger in the contemporary world do not just sit and write content, they sample videos, photos, images, trends of culture, business materials that will be interesting for everyone to read. There are those bloggers who consider their site as a money making tool. Calling such people influencers might change their look since they believe that they do more than just influence. This could be the exit of the old blogger and entrance of the new influencer blogger.

Trend 2: Matters of size

This refers to the size of the post that you have put up to be read. The real world is more of less noise and more of reality. If your blog cannot cut out the noise and deliver what people need to hear, then you could have trouble with your lengthy articles that have no real sense. You need to write the articles in such a way that the readers will derive pleasure reading your articles and they will most likely share your site with others because of the information that you are passing. You have seen and will see more sites inviting you to click somewhere so that you may get to the real article that you are reading. Moreover, various companies will be very strict on the length of articles of their site and they will insist on value as opposed to length. Expert bloggers have a say at long last!

Trend 3: Comments almost ending

When you have your own site, the section of comments was almost meant for fellow bloggers to comment on the quality of the blog, and this enables you to make any further improvements that you could make. In this year, 2016, the comments section has been passed to the social media section since social media has more people that just bloggers. You will get all sorts of comments once you share your blog or article on social media. This is very important and a critical paradigm shift in the blogging world. You will be required to give the URL to your site and the rest will be handled by the social media sites.