You have a great idea if you are looking into ways of having your own blog. How do you get started? Who do you give your ears for advice? The internet has all sorts of solutions on the best way to start a blog. Any newbie in blogging will have some challenges, but once you get used to blogging you will love the game. There are some basics put together for anyone willing to start blogging and does not how. They are very easy and simple to learn. This is not law jargon. It is easy language for all to read and have fun with.

Why should you create a blog and be admitted in the community of bloggers?

  1. The contemporary world has accepted blogging as a popular way of passing news. There are hundreds of blogs that are out there and yours can be among them too.
  2. You get a chance to express yourself freely
  3. You are able to sharpen your writing skills
  4. Guess what! You can make money as you blog

Starting your own blog

  1. Choose the best platform for you

Choose the site you want your blog to be built on. I assume that you must have heard of Word Press – This is the site I would advise you start with. This is one of the largest platforms across the world, and you have uncountable ways of designing the layout of your blog. The number of active user on Word Press – 82 million! Other sites that you might consider are Tumblr and Blogger. However, Word Press is bigger than the two. It is easy to use and set up. You have plenty of support as you use the blog, and you can interact with the rest of the world in an easy manner.

  1. Choose where you are to be hosted

Make a decision on whether you need to pay to be hosted or you will just have it free. Note that Word Press, Blogger, and Tumblr are all free. However, in the free sites you will not have a private domain name. Moreover, you cannot make money using the blogs and your images and videos cannot be uploaded as easy as you might think. The blog is not your own. The host of the blog owns it and may delete it if they feel like.

  1. Use your own domain name to start your blog

Believe you me that Word Press is the best site for you. Ensure that you have a domain name that is easy. The hosting company prefers that you just your name as it is easy to remember.

  1. Design your blog site

Do not make your blog be like any other. Make it unique. Word Press gives a host of plug-ins that you can use to ensure that you have the best design out there. Remember that the better the design that you have on a free blog, the higher the chances of your blog remaining. Many visitors will be flocking in to see what you have update for any day.