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Anartisis is a perfect tool for publishers, magazines, newspapers, bloggers and other news websites, for everyone who wants to work in blogspot.

Take the control in your hands

Change easy the background, colors, fonts, dimensions, etc... Get the control in your hands with Blogger Theme Designer. Coding knowledge not required. This is the most customizable Magazine Blogger Theme.

Grid or List Blog Style?

With a simple setting change the display on the blog.
An easy trick can now change the whole layout.
Smart tricks for your smart Newspaper.

Amazing Layout Content

An innovative style that will make you love this theme.
Each piece will guide you how you want to use this.
You will love it.

Custom Style for Images.

With a short code organize all images of a post.
You have 2 choises. Carousel Style or Gallery Style.
Buy Now the most complete Newspaper Theme.

Carousel Gallery

Ready to Translate

Now we are ready to translate template in any language.
You can use this section to be able to translate words without intervention in the code.

Short Code Bootstrap Buttons

We make your work simple.
Create Bootstrap Buttons without coding anything. Watch this video to see how simple is your life with this Theme.

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